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posted March 28th, 2013
Thornbury retirement vs Meaford retirement – four reasons Meaford wins

If you’re looking at enjoying a Georgian Bay retirement, you might be thinking about Thornbury. Thornbury’s a great place and we’d never want to dis it, but the other day we were thinking about it. We realized that Meaford offers a lot of things that make it a better retirement choice. Here are our four great reasons to choose a Meaford retirement community.

Memorial Park

Meaford's Memorial Park

Meaford has a real hidden gem right in town. Memorial Park offers parks, trails, camping, and a beautiful sandy beach. We say hidden, because it’s hidden from the town proper. Thornbury does have some beautiful little areas of waterfront and beach access, but unless you’re willing to drive or cycle a few kilometres, nearby houses and roads make you feel like you’re in the middle of town.

Meaford’s green

About a decade ago, Meaford began a composting pick-up program. On visits to larger centres “down south”, we learned that we were well ahead of the curve on this one. You can put any compostable materials in your weekly pickup, including things like paper towel and food you might not want in your backyard composter, like meat and bones. And pickup’s free every week. Just last week, Meaford was recognized for their waste diversion efforts by Michael Scott, CEO of Waste Diversion Ontario. We’re number one in Ontario, with a 62.78 waste diversion rate – compared to the provincial average of 46.52 percent. (Thornbury, or Blue Mountains, doesn’t pick up compost – but you can buy a composter from them for $30.)

Central to area attractions and major centers, but with a small town feel

While both Thornbury and Meaford are pretty much between the two larger communities in the area – Owen Sound and Collingwood – in recent years Thornbury has, understandably, oriented more toward Collingwood… and all that entails. More crowding. The weekender rush. It can be exciting, but just 10 minutes down the road, your Meaford retirement neighbourhood retains a more homey small town feel. You’re also that much closer to all the additional attractions up the Bruce Peninsula.

Meaford’s more affordable

A Thornbury retirement is going to be a bit more expensive. The pressures moving west from Collingwood and Blue Mountain development have pushed house and condo prices up. But you can still get a bargain in Meaford! Just ask us about it.

posted March 22nd, 2013
Meaford Health Clinic next door to Three Seasons Retirement Community

As Meaford Haven moves ahead in finding and evaluating builders for this unique small town Ontario retirement community, North East Grey Health Clinic is moving full-steam ahead on plans to have Meaford’s new health clinic in operation. Last fall, Desmond von Teichman told Meaford Council that the need for new doctors in Meaford means it’s important to build the $2.1 million clinic sooner than originally planned.

A Meaford property owner has donated land next door to Meaford Haven for the 6,000 square foot clinic, which will be able to accommodate four doctors and a physiotherapist.

“Very simply, and in Thornbury it was proven, without a clinic we’re not going to get new physicians,” von Teichman told council. “Immediately after the [Thornbury] health centre was opened we [leased] every spot in it, and we now instead of two doctors, we have four doctors, and a fully fledged physiotherapy office in there as well.”

In addition to the clinic, Meaford Haven’s plans include a commercial block which will be aimed at offering additional space for health and medical practitioners and suppliers.

posted March 15th, 2013
Meaford Museum curator shares insight into the collection

For its modest size, the Meaford Museum boasts a remarkable collection, and next week, you can learn how it acquires and manages these remnants and reminders of historical Meaford. The Meaford Library hosts a talk by Museum Curator Pam Woolner next Tuesday at 2 p.m.

Pam will discuss how the museum sources and acquires artifacts for the museum; how staff researches and catalogues the artifacts, and the challenges such a small museum faces in taking care of a growing and changing collection.

Space is limited, so call or email to register soon. (It’s free.) 519.538.1060 (ext 1123) or email

If this talk interests you, you may also be interested in volunteering at the Museum. It’s a great way to get involved in the community, and the historical insight you gain through spending time there will give you a real sense of this beautiful small town – not to mention arming you with a bunch of cocktail party conversation starters.

Just don’t worry about the ghost of the museum.

posted March 9th, 2013
Winter vintner tour at Meaford’s Coffin Ridge Winery

While a vineyard tour evokes thoughts of warm Mediterranean winds in the Tuscan hills or the hot Burgundian summer sun, in Meaford, you can tour our local winery all winter long. Next Saturday, Coffin Ridge Winery is offering a tour behind the scenes of the production facility, and then you can learn, hands-on, the gentle vintner’s art of hand-pruning the grape vines. Dress for the weather, and bring along a pair of pruning shears.

Then after your intimate communion with the vines from whence the wine was born, you can enjoy the actual stuff. Head inside the elegant tasting room for a glass of wine and a delicious vintner’s plate.

The event is $30 per person and space is limited to 20 people, so reserve now. Email to make your reservations.

Coffin Ridge vineyard in winter

Coffin Ridge winter grapes

posted March 1st, 2013
Owen Sound retirement – city tops MSN list of retirement destinations in Canada

Now, we love Owen Sound. After all, this small city just 20 minutes from Meaford Haven offers a wealth of culture, dining, shopping, outdoor activities, golf, boating, fishing and… we could go on.

We just think that Meaford is better. In Meaford, you can be in Owen Sound in the time it takes to put on a kettle and brew a pot of tea. But you also have more intimate access to Georgian Bay, which embraces a large part of the town; you’re in the centre of a golfer’s paradise, with Lora Bay less than 10 minutes down the road, and many more courses to the East; you’re nicely situated between the larger centres of both Owen Sound and Collingwood, so you can take your choice; and you’re closer to Blue Mountain Resort, the Village and all it offers. That’s to name just a few things. Meanwhile, you get all this while enjoying the quiet setting of a true small town Ontario retirement community.

Having said that, we do want to point out that the Owen Sound (which means Meaford) area has been recognized by as Canada’s top retirement location.

Among the reasons cited are “great access to boating and fishing”, affordable homes, and proximity to Toronto. They also mention that it’s home to the Springfest 55+ Games (for ages 55 plus).

Our secret tip: get access to all that while living in a better location and environment at Meaford Haven.