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posted April 27th, 2013
Meaford seniors club to publish book

Meaford’s 55+ Friendship Club will be publishing a book about the club’s beginnings, and creating a new logo to help them with their promotion and fundraising, thanks to a $4,700 grant from the federal New Horizons for Seniors program.

The 55+ Friendship Club is a popular Meaford social group, which devotes volunteer time to the community and raises funds for the Alzheimer’s Association, tags for cancer research, and cares for various town gardens by planting and watering.

The club, which began in 1995, is open to men and women, retired or not, who are 55 years old and older, and boasts a mix of newcomers to the Meaford area as well as those who have lived here all their lives.


Meetings provide a chance to talk to others with similar interests; hear speakers on topics of current or special interest; play games; enjoy craft days with member displays; participate in “show and tell days”; and gather for parties celebrating Hallowe’en, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

The final meeting of the year, before the summer break, usually involves a special outing, such as a picnic, a luncheon trip, or a pot-luck dinner.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the club, head to the Meaford-St. Vincent Community Centre on a Tuesday at 2 p.m., or call Leo Girard, at 519.538.3035 to learn more.

posted April 19th, 2013
Meaford Health Clinic location – a new perspective

As we’ve mentioned, Meaford’s new medical clinic will be located right next to Meaford Haven, which adds to the retirement advantages of our Three-Seasons retirement community.

Some Meaford residents have questioned the location of the clinic, saying it’s outside of central urban Meaford. We wanted to bring a bit of perspective to the discussion.

For those who aren’t that familiar with Meaford and its small-town scale, the new clinic location is about a mile from the centre of town as the crow flies. For those on the west and south end of town, including residents of Meaford Haven, it’s admirably located. Those on the east and north of town have a little further to travel, though compared to any larger centre, it’s not very far at all.

And while it’s obvious that no matter where the clinic was located, some town residents would be closer than others and many would have to drive – people also seem to forget that this clinic is intended to serve the Municipality of Meaford. If you look on a map, the bulk of the Municipality is west of the town proper.

Meaford Health Clinic Map

Locating the Health Clinic at the northwest end of town, by Meaford Haven, offers easier access for a majority of Municipality of Meaford residents, who live west, north and south of the town itself. It’s also on a well-travelled route for residents shopping in Owen Sound. While remaining within the town proper, it’s the most central location possible.

If the North East Grey Health Clinic (NEGHC) team had decided to situate the medical clinic on the southeast end of town, you can see that it’s not far away from the Thornbury Health Clinic – the first successful project by the group.

So rather than geographically concentrating the clinics, NEGHC has expanded their reach.

In addition, Meaford Haven plans for a 25,000 square-foot medical and commercial centre which we expect will house a pharmacy, a hearing-aid centre, a health food store, and offices for practitioners – such as a chiropractor, optometrist, dentist, and more. So Health Clinic clients from all parts of the community will have easy access to all of their health needs quite close to the clinic.

Finally, a very generous individual has given the property for the clinic to NEGHC. On behalf of all Meaford residents, we’d like to thank this donor.

posted April 13th, 2013
Meaford Haven part of Meaford’s attraction for retirees

A few weeks back, Meaford’s mayor spoke to a group of seniors about developments which will help make Meaford even more attractive for retirees. Speaking to residents at the Meaford Long Term Care Centre, he cited the new medical clinic as a key factor in Meaford’s ability to attract new doctors to Meaford.

“We desperately need space for doctors.” he told the group. “The doctors that are here now have been with us for long time and they would like to retire.”

He also share information on Meaford Haven, noting its proximity to the new medical clinic.

“The Mayor also spoke about the Meaford Haven development that is proposed for land next to the proposed medical clinic,” says the article in the Meaford Express. “He said the Meaford Haven development is a large subdivision that will include up to 400 units. He said part of the development plan is a retirement facility similar to Seasons in Owen Sound.”

But while most people are excited about the new medical clinic, there have been grumblings about its location. We’ll take a look at those arguments next time.

posted April 5th, 2013
Retirement in small-town Ontario – a true story

Last November, a former Toronto couple began blogging about their real-life retirement in real time. By the time, they began their blog, Astrid and Peter Tobin had already moved from east-end Toronto to Kingsville, a small town on the north shore of Lake Erie, but they documented the path to their decision to escape the city and embrace a small-town Ontario retirement.

We’ve found their story interesting, in that it mirrors much of what we understand and have written here about a rich, rewarding retirement lifestyle.

When the Tobins started thinking about retirement, they took a hard look at their finances and realized that in order to remain in the home and neighbourhood they’d lived in for 12 years, they’d need to both get rid of their car and fully pay down their mortgage. Neither was an option. The alternative was to move out of Toronto, which was just too expensive a place in which to retire.

Starting to seriously think about retirement had been sparked by visiting retired friends in Bracebridge, Ontario and seeing the retirement lifestyle they were enjoying in a smaller Ontario community. So moving from the city already had attractions.

On top of that, they’d always seen their Toronto neighbourhood as having a small-town atmosphere, with shops and the Beach within strolling distance. They set out to find the same feeling in a smaller community.

Their priorities included affordable housing, a community on the water with a public beach nearby; proximity to a golf course; an active arts community; and walking distance to town. Hmmm, starting to sound familiar? You might as well describe Meaford Haven.

The Tobins’ search took them north to Muskoka, further north and east to the Ottawa area, and then along Lake Huron and over to Georgian Bay. They found Collingwood a great place, but not suited to retirees on their budget. (We wish we might have met them on their travels, and shown what Meaford Haven has to offer in a short while.) And in the end, they chose Kingsville, for all of the above reasons.

In their most recent post, they reveal how much they’re saving by living a small-town Ontario retirement lifestyle. Owning a more affordable house, along with other reduced costs, has freed up an additional $350 a month.

We’ll keep following the Tobins, and hope to hear more about their real-life retirement in small-town Ontario.