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posted September 22nd, 2014
Meaford’s new medical centre officially open

The new Don Bumstead and Family Medical Centre held it’s grand opening yesterday, and the building was busy as folks toured the long-anticipated facility adjacent to Meaford Haven.

Don Bumstead Medical Centre

With the new clinic in place, the effort to attract new doctors to the area is well underway. Both the Meaford and the Blue Mountains clinic, in Thornbury, can support four family physicans, and the Meaford medical centre has already attracted one new family physician to Meaford.

Another established local health services company, Georgian Bay Physiotherapy, is also moving into the clinic.

posted September 17th, 2014
The Marsh Girls showcases the painting of local family

In the Marsh family, painting is a family affair.

Anne Marsh Evans has long been known for her watercolours and other works which feature local landscapes and architecture. Anne’s daughter, Cynthia Marsh, owns the Marsh Street Gallery and Studio in Clarksburg, and also teaches locally. And recently Cynthia’s sister, Dale, has embarked on her own paintings.

The Marsh Girls

Until September 28, you have an opportunity to see the works of all three “Marsh Girls” in one place, at Meaford Hall.

The free show runs until Sunday, September 28.

posted September 13th, 2014
Need seeds? Got seeds? Check out Meaford’s seed bank

Last week, we talked a bit about Meaford’s community gardens. Meaford’s also lucky to have a seed library housed, appropriately, in the history room of the Meaford Public Library.

What’s a seed library? Just like a book library, you may “borrow” seeds to use in your garden. And when it’s time to harvest, you donate seeds from your bounty back to the library. (You can also donate commercial seed packets.)

The initial collection came from more than 700 vegetable and flower seed packets donated by Metro Grocery to Golden Town Outreach, and it will continue to grow as each season produces more new growth and seeds.

Just drop into the library to find out more.

posted September 6th, 2014
Meaford community gardens great for gardeners and the community

Small community garden plots were on the list of desired features at Meaford Haven for many of our virtual focus group respondents . But in Meaford, community gardening opportunities abound.

Three years ago, a group of citizens created Meaford’s first community garden at Georgian Bay Secondary School (GBSS), with the goal of education and developing the skills required to produce quality, fresh, locally-grown foods and encouraging people to enjoy it as part of their everyday diet.

Transition Meaford, Golden Town Outreach (GTO) and the students and teachers at GBSS collaborated on the project, and a year later they opened up space for private gardeners to grow their own food along with food for the GTO Foodbank. Then, in 2013, two new gardens cropped up: the “Village Green” at Victoria Village and another at the Church of the Nazarene, where GTO’s Foodbank is located. The expansion included raised beds, a tree nursery, a communal tomato patch and rhubarb. And that year, the group also received a Spark advocacy grant from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

“There are so many advantages to be shared,” says the group’s Bill Monahan. “Food security, building a community spirit, healthy exercise for all participants. On top of that, it’s a fun thing to do and it gets people outdoors.”

The group is looking for interest and participation from Meaford residents. “But it’s about people, not money. We’re looking for enthusiastic citizens who want to be part of the dynamic and rewarding effort to localize food production so that fresh, organic produce is available to everyone.” To get involved, contact Jaden Calvert at or at 519.538.0628.

The Meaford Community Gardens Market will continue to run on Thursdays from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Church of the Nazarene on Trowbridge Street until the produce is gone.