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posted March 27th, 2015
Enjoy a night out in Meaford

Meaford, Bruce Grey Simcoe, and the Ontario government have released an ad which takes you on a night on the town. Warm gatherings, great food and exciting culture warm up this beautiful, snowy winter’s night. The video was shot at George’s on Main and Meaford Hall and Culture Centre in downtown Meaford.

Posted by Georges on Main on Thursday, March 26, 2015

posted March 25th, 2015
Meaford’s green all year round

Meaford is clean, green and where you want to be. Meaford has topped Grey-Bruce in waste diversion, and ranks third in the province behind only Orillia and Guelph.

Read all about it.

posted March 24th, 2015
Around the Bay and Back Again – Stompin’ Tom visits Meaford

After 23 years in Meaford, you’d I’d’ve come across this Stompin’ Tom gem, but I only discovered it today.

From Espanola to Manitoulin
‘Cross the channel I’m bound
I heard a story in Tobermory
That my baby’s in Owen Sound
I was close behind her
But couldn’t find her
So to Meaford, I’m away
Down to Collingwood, that’s where I stood
At the bottom of the Georgian Bay

That’s the first verse of “Around the Bay and Back Again”, which appeared first on Tom’s 1969 LP, “On Tragedy Trail”. It must have been a favourite, because he released it again on “Stompin’ Tom Meets Big Joe Mufferraw” a year later.

Here’s the legend performing the song in 1973, and again, nearly 40 years later, in 2010.

Buy the song on Amazon.

posted March 18th, 2015
“Big News from Grand Rock” director, Daniel Perlmutter, special guest at Meaford screening

The Grand Rock Weekly Ledger, like all small-town newspapers, is facing online competition and tough times. But editor Leonard Crane has a plan. He starts making up juicy stories, using the plots of movies from the 80s and 90s as inspiration. Readership soars… but then one of his stories catches the attention of a reporter from the big city.

That’s the plot of “Big News from Grand Rock”, a comedy starring Ennis Esmer, from CTV’s “The Listener”, and featuring perennial favourite Gordon Pinsent.

“For his debut feature, writer-director Daniel Perlmutter keeps the proportions exactly right,” writes Ken Eisner of The Georgia Straight, “balancing a steady stream of small laughs with a story that engages, mainly through the hearty efforts of actors all on the same page—Page One, you could say.”

Big_newsThe movie, in which nearby Midland stands in for “Grand Rock”, is tomorrow’s Thursday Flick at Meaford Hall, and the audience is in for a special treat. Daniel Perlmutter will be a special guest at the screening, answering questions after the film.

Bruce Kirkland, of the Toronto Sun also gives the film a rave review. “I applaud Perlmutter and his producers… for so bravely conjuring up this quaint and slightly surreal saga about the threat to community newspapers,” he writes “And for making it so appealing, not just to newspaper junkies but to a wider audience because of the comedy and the romance in the story.”

Thursday, March 19 at 4pm. Tickets: $10 and available by phone, online and in person.