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posted May 26th, 2015
Meaford mountain biking guide, part 1

The Niagara Escarpment provides the perfect terrain for mountain bike trails for everyone from the beginner to the novice. Within half an hour of your home you have access to some of the best riding in the province. And the trails start just about right outside your door.

Tom Thomson Trail (begin in town)
From Meaford Haven, ride north on the 7th line to Sideroad 22, then ride west until the road tees at the 9th line (Range Road or Valour Road). Warmed up by that 5.5 km ride on the roads, you’re ready to begin the Tom Thomson Trail.


A moderate to challenging single track trail crosses the fields and forest to the west, until you emerge where Sideroad 22 resumes shortly before the 11th line. Across the 11th, the road becomes rugged double track. Follow it for a half a kilometre and then turn right to ascend into Bayview Escarpment Park. The double track continues through the park to emerge at the old St. Vincent/Sydenham Town Line. Return the way you came, or head north to Sideroad 27, west to the 2nd Concession and north again for a little more than a kilometre and till you see Coffin Ridge Winery on your left. Where you’ve arranged for a friend to join you and drive you home, of course.

Kolapore Uplands (20-minute drive)

Much of Kolapore’s 50 kilometre network of trails is great single-track terrain for mountain biking (though some swampier areas are off-limits during the summer.) You’ll find flowing hardpack, twisty climbs and downhills, technical rocky and rooty sections, all under a beautiful mixed forest canopy. The trail network is extensive, and you can easily get lost, so it’s a good idea to carry a map. You can pick one up at the Ravenna Country Market at County Roads 2 and 19 (west). Access the trails from the parking lot on County Road 2 about 12 kilometres south of Thornbury and a kilometre past where County Road 19 heads east. (Don’t trust Google maps on this one; the mangement area is erroneously positioned one road east of its actual location.

Mountain biking Meaford

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