While there are lots of ways to keep active in Meaford, sometimes you just want to indulge yourself. Sitting down to a delicious meal or sitting back to a delightful musical performance are two of the more relaxing – and refreshing – things you can look forward to. And with all that’s available around Meaford Haven, you’ll find it easy to treat your senses.


A locavore’s guide to Meaford
Meaford dining guide
Enjoy fresh food from local markets
Live music a feast for the ears
Ted’s Range Road Diner a place like no other
How to get really close to your favorite musical artists

A locavore’s guide to Meaford

Get your fresh food fix from Meaford’s local food producers.

Everyone knows Meaford is the capital of apple country. But the rich agricultural countryside that surrounds this Georgian Bay town also makes Meaford a locavore’s dream. The farmers and food producers who live here offer a huge variety of fresh produce, meats, game, and other foods. It’s little wonder that Meaford had one of the first – if not the first – food markets based around the “100 mile” concept.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the local fare you can find here:

Meat and dairy

Twin Creeks Organic Farm
Grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, pastured pork, pastured poultry (chickens, turkeys, eggs), and a wide variety of organically grown vegetables. Twin Creeks considers their meat and produce “beyond organic” as they simulate the natural diversity in nature.

WoolDrift Farm
Owners Axel Meister and Chris Buschbeck were the first Ontario farmers to commercially raise sheep for milk. These purebred East Friesian sheep, recognized as the best dairy sheep in the world, are raised and kept on pasture, with constant access to barns for shelter if they desire. Rotational grazing ensures that during the growing season they always have fresh, lush green grass in front of them. During times in the year when there is no grass growing, they have access to “all you can eat” hay and some locally purchased grains. Enjoy artisanal cheeses, dairy products, and meat.

Cirrus Hill Farm – Rare and Heritage Utility Poultry Breeds
“Eat them to save them,” is the motto of this Meaford farm, which specializes in rare, heritage and ancient utility poultry breeds of exceptional culinary and historic importance. These include Beltsville Small White Turkeys, Saxony Heavy Ducks, Khaki Campbell and Welsh Harlequin Light Layer Ducks, Buff Orpington and Ancona Dual-Purpose Ducks, Ancient Roman Geese, Standard White Chantecler Chickens, and Heavy French Guinea Fowl (from Quebec, for grow-out only).

Produce and more

Jarret Boyd
Organic produce grown in Meaford.

Marvelous Edibles Farms
Organic market garden veggies and berries. Berkshire pork products.

Freeman Farms Organic Garlic
Locally grown delicious garlic.

Beaver Valley Flower Farm
Potted perennials, fresh herbs, butterfly attractors, tomato plants, gourds, squash.


Ciders galore
We’ve already talked about these, but in case you missed them, here’s the tour.

Coffin Ridge Winery
Award winning winery is Grey County’s first, featuring such offerings as Bone Dry Riesling, Back From the Dead Red and Into the Light White.

Killannan Brewing Co.
Meaford’s own brewery offers three delicious beers – Kilannan Altbier, Kolsch and New Zealand Red Ale. Look for them at LCBO stores or at the brewery.

Other food products

Meredith’s Ginger Syrup
Unique syrup enhances drinks, teas and food – produced here in Meaford.

Sunnyside Honey
A family owned and operated business. The apiary produces a delicate, light tasting wildflower honey and you’ll find a variety of honey products, as well as 100 percent beeswax candles and handcrafted designer soaps.

Ken’s Krunchy Dills
Home grown and preserved pickles, beets and relishes.

Maple Ridge Farm
Maple syrup and maple products.

Meaford dining guide

Eggcitement Bistro welcomes you for all day breakfast and lunch.

When it’s time for dinner out, you don’t need to look far to find something to tempt your palate. Here’s an idea of what you’ll find in town and down the road. (*indicates licensed premises)

The Leeky Canoe *
Wide variety of hearty meals at reasonable prices.

Ted’s Range Road Diner *
Traditional and exotic fare in unique surroundings (see sidebar on page 3).

Captain’s Corner Fish & Chips *
Specializing in, you guessed it!
108 Sykes Street North

Eggcitement Bistro
Homemade breakfasts and lunches using fresh ingredients.
16 Nelson Street West

George’s on Main Brasserie
Highlighting the bounty of local ingredients from around Grey-Bruce County, the menu evolves with the seasons and reflect the best that our area has to offer. Thoughtful, delicious and seasonal tasting menus, vegetarian options and drink specials are available.

McGinty’s Café *
Great coffee, fresh baking and more.

Earth Harvest Café
Fair trade coffee, vegetarian dishes and 100-mile selection

That’s just a small sampling. You’ll find more than a dozen other dining options in Meaford, including Bogusia’s, The Kitchen, the Meaford Motel, Dairy Queen, New Orlean’s Pizza, Deli Family Restaurant, Suzy’s Place, Pizza Delight, Tim Hortons, Oriental Restaurant, McDonald’s, Subway and more.

The impressive Lora Bay Grill at Lora Bay Golf Club is just down the road and offers casual and fine dining in a seasonally inspired menu. And within a short drive you’ll find more than enough dining opportunities to make choosing tough, with restaurants in Thornbury, the Village at Blue Mountain, and Owen Sound.

Enjoy fresh food from local markets

The Market offers local, organic and natural products in a converted barn.

You can often buy local products direct from the source, travelling the back country roads to the farms and stands that sell local produce, meats and other foods. But you can also get much of what you desire in one location.

Meaford Farmer’s Market

Stroll by Meaford Harbour on Friday throughout the summer and fall, and you’ll find yourself drawn by the delicious scents, the sounds of music, and the hustle and bustle by the Rotary Pavilion.

You’ll find locally grown seasonal fruit and vegetables, locally raised meat, and freshly baked goods, including treats and beverages you don’t have to wait till you get home to enjoy.

But it’s not only about food. You’ll also find crafts, children’s activities, and live music.


The Market

Just to the east of town, a tall old barn stands beside the highway. But inside, you won’t find hay or cows or farm tools. The beautifully renovated space is home to Eco-Inhabit, a unique outlet which sells environmentally friendly building supplies; organic and natural kitchen, bed, bath and personal care products; and locally crafted custom furniture and cabinetry.

It’s also home to The Market, which offers a cornucopia of goods, including pasture-raised meat, organic produce, fresh goat cheese, fresh fish, honey, maple syrup, baking, luxurious soaps and other products – made mostly nearby. Back in 2007, Barb Kay and David Harper opened Meaford’s 100 Mile Market (inspired by the book, The 100 Mile Diet), which sold only goods produced within 100 miles of Meaford. This year, the owners of EcoInhabit, Jan and Tim Singbeil and Rob and Kara Wildeman, took over the operation and moved it to the new location, where the larger property opens up the opportunity to expand. On-site gardens and more are in the works.


Live music a feast for the ears

Keith and Renée entertain at Summerfolk.

No matter what your preference in music, you’ll find a surprisingly vibrant and varied selection of live music in the Meaford area. Here’s a sampling.

Meaford Hall
Regular performances by major artists – everything from rock to hip hop to classical to jazz.

Electric Eclectics
A weekend of experimental music, sound art and, well, noise in a magical pastoral setting. A truly unique musical and artistic experiences.

Sweetwater Music Festival
Featuring internationally respected classical music performers internationally respected classical music performers in the splendid acoustics of the 146 year-old Leith Church and Owen Sound’s grand stone Division Street Church. A rare opportunity to hear these performers in smaller scaled and accessible environments.

Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival
Since 1975, Summerfolk has featured Canadian and international roots artists on the shores of Owen Sound Bay from Friday through Sunday the third weekend in August. Numerous stages, musical workshops, and a wide assortment of craft booths.

McGinty’s Upstairs
Evening performances by folk and roots artists, poets and more.

House concerts
A great way to see your favourite artists up close (see final story).

Ted’s Range Road Diner a place like no other

An eclectic menu and live music at Ted’s.

For more than 20 years, Wednesday night in Meaford has been “jam night” – more specifically “Jam night at Ted’s”. Drive up the old Range Road, now known as Valour Road, toward Irish Mountain, and as you crest the first of the heights, you’ll see an interesting, somewhat surreal, sight on your left. An old steel Quonset hut, spruced up with white siding and a green awning, sits in the midst of an oft-overflowing parking lot. In a small stand of trees in the middle of the lot, a chainsaw sculpture by Fran Bouwman depicts a young girl staring at the fairies inhabiting an old dead spruce. And if it’s Wednesday night, the sound of rockin’ live music spills out from the packed space inside, as the house band plays and the open mike is taken up by anyone else who wants to play.

Inside Ted’s Range Road Diner, curved, shellacked Aspenite covers the walls, the rustic environment contrasting with the incredibly wide-ranging menu arrayed on colourful chalkboards – offering everything from traditional fare to such delicacies as catfish, bison strip loin, elk chops, wild game stir-fry (elk, emu, venison, bison, musk ox, ostrich), and even alligator.

This one-of-a-kind Meaford attraction and tradition has been featured in national media – and both Ted and his diner have even made it to the “big” screen in an independent horror flick called Scarce.

How to get really close to your favorite musical artists

Luke Doucet rocks Irish Mountain

One of the most scenic views in an area that boasts lots of them is from the top of Irish Mountain. You’ll command a view of the sweep of Georgian Bay with Georgian Peaks
rising on the north face of the Blue Mountain Escarpment.

And on certain nights of the year, you’ll also have a chance to see some of your favourite musical artists in a truly intimate setting – and sometimes even unplugged.

Back in early 2001, Liz Scott decided she wanted an opportunity to hear some of her favourite folk and roots artists in an intimate setting – and she wanted to share her favourites with others. Sure, Owen Sound’s Summerfolk was an amazing experience, but what if she could get some of those same artists to perform at house concerts. Her husband, Rich Fletcher, a budding guitarist, was all for it. And they had the perfect space – a cathedral-ceilinged “bonus room” above the garage of their Irish Mountain home.

On April 14, Katherine Wheatley and Wendell Ferguson performed the first Irish Mountain Music house concert to a small group of appreciate friends and neighbours. Ten years – and some 70 performances – later, Irish Mountain Music is still going strong. In addition to the indoor concerts, the couple has also hosted some summer outdoor performances – on a stage set in their maple bush, and on their lawn, with the twinkling lights of Meaford far below – and the roster includes such artists as Dala, Luke Doucet, Valdy, Matt Anderson, David Francey, Colin Linden, Stephen Fearing, Garnet Rogers, Ian Tamblyn, and Anne Lindsay – to name a few.