We’re pleased to be getting so many questions about Meaford Haven from all over Ontario. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for your convenience. (And ours!)

1. Who is the builder?

We have not yet selected a builder. As the Land Developer, we have the option to sell, or not sell, to a builder based on his reputation, size and strength and we will be selective. We will ask that the builder follow architectural and sustainability guidelines. We will instruct our lawyer to build protections for the home buyers in the sales contract that we will undertake with the builder.

2. You are a Land Developer. What does that mean?
Land Developers basically purchase land in an undeveloped state (like farmland) and go through all the regulatory steps to make that land available for construction. To get a better understanding of what is involved, please read our Land Development Fact Sheet.

3. When will the building start?
Likely in late 2017.

4. Will there be any units for rent?
No. Everything is condominium, including the cluster bungalows.

5. When will plans and exact prices be available?
When we have selected a builder. The builder and his architect will create the final designs according to the guidelines in the agreement. He will then price them with his trades, get building permits and release his designs and pricing to the public.

6. Will there be a maintenance fee?
Yes, because these are condos and because the condo corporation will take care of all maintenance, cleaning, snowplowing, etc.

7. Is the Bay visible from the community?
Yes, from the 3rd floor of some of the condos in the apartment building there will be picture windows framing a view of the Bay.

8. Is there a local transit system?
Like most small towns, Meaford cannot afford their own transit, but Meaford does have a “Handivan” service for mobility challenged persons. Please visit this site for information on the different forms of transportation available.

9. What does “gated community” mean?
It means access is restricted to residents. Meaford Haven will not be gated because the Town of Meaford turned down our request, and we think they have a point; Meaford is a small town that we want to be part of, not separate from. However, the one road that runs through the community will be more like a driveway, with traffic calming measures, and there will be little reason for non-residents to use it. The best of both worlds?

10. Are there payment structures for people on fixed pensions?
Unfortunately not. Very likely the company that will build these homes will sell them expecting that the buyers will arrange a mortgage if they need one. Most will pay cash.

11. Buying? Is there a land lease fee?
No; this is condo ownership.

12. What is a Three-Seasons Community™?
Please see the “Three-Seasons Community™” Fact Sheet