Meaford Haven is a Three-Seasons Community™

This means all three seasons of your retirement life are provided for, from the springtime of your active adult years, through the summer years of settling in, to autumn days you will spend with dignity, care, and companionship.

A Three-Seasons Community embraces what healthy living—and healthy aging—is really about. It’s based on the findings of a 10-year study by the MacArthur Foundation, which found that just 30% of physical aging is attributed to genetics. With this discovery it became clear that lifestyle decisions play a key role in the aging process. We support this and are committed to helping residents live longer, healthier, and more vibrant lives.

As a resident of Meaford Haven you’ll be on the leading edge of what’s new in wellness, health care, and all the wonderful cultural and recreational attractions offered in and around the lovely town of Meaford.

See the “Three-Seasons Community™” Fact Sheet

MacArthur Report: Links to various articles/ videos

Summary of the MacArthur Foundation research focus

Research into aging has been revolutionized in the past ten years largely due to the MacArthur Study, which under the leadership of Drs. John W. Rowe and Robert L. Kahn created a network of leading research scientists from key fields to determine what aging actually involves. Rejecting the established approach of studying aging in terms of anticipated decline, these scientists set out to identify the factors that were enabling vast numbers of people to preserve and even enhance their mental and physical vitality in later life.

Successful Aging: Optimizing Life in the Second Half

Their recommendations are based on the MacArthur Foundation Study of Successful Aging. From that study, Rowe and Kahn suggest three actions that positively influence the aging process and enhance quality of life in later years.