What we build will be around for a long time, and while the builder will be as subject to the same economic realities as any other builder, we’d hope that twenty years hence we’ll be fondly remembered as having produced a genuine asset to the lovely town of Meaford.

This session is about the look and feel of the community, and before we get too deeply into drawings and sketches, we’d like to present distinct design concepts for you to consider.

Please rate the following according to how you feel they would influence your decision to live in Meaford Haven, with 5 being the most desirable.

    1 - Rural Ontario. The community looks almost as though it once could have been a large farm. The Community Center looks like a big old farmhouse, the condos and other larger dwellings are arranged and detailed to reflect the functional randomness of Barns and out buildings. And the cluster bungalows have the steep roofs and brick character of the main building. Materials are mostly brick and wood. Colours are typical of the established farms in the area. The impression is rustic, Rural Ontario


    2 - Muskoka Cottage. The community looks like a season-round vacation spot. Designs are high-end cottage look, with timber frame construction and the look of cedar shake roofs. Walls combine the look of dry-laid stone with timbers and brick accents.


    3 - Modern Community. The community looks a lot like many other new residential communities. Larger buildings are nicely appointed in the contemporary manner of similar communities in the area. They are designed to blend in rather than stand out, and cost and functionality drive most construction decisions.


    4 - Small Town Ontario. This bears a close family resemblance to small towns and villages all around Ontario, such as Meaford. It's made from modern-day materials and is clearly not 100+ years old, but the buildings make clear reference to the indigenous historic architecture of the area.


    Which three words would you use to express what you would like the feel, the image of the development, to be?

    This space is for you to add your thoughts. For instance, what else should be on this list? What have we missed that would make a meaningful difference to you?

    Thank you for your help,

    Pierre Boiron