Virtual Focus Group #5 results: – Business Club.

First of all, to those who flatly rejected the idea because, as one of them put it, “I retired because I don’t want to work”, good on you. If that’s what you want, you earned it and you deserve whatever brings you happiness and contentment in your retirement years.

To the 80% + who’ve enthusiastically endorsed the idea of a Business Club, thank you, it looks like we have another winner here. One of you put it in eloquently simple terms, “I don’t think money is as important as the fact of feeling useful.” Someone else echoed the sentiment: “…gives a sense of purpose to your life & the feeling of helping others is great.”

We don’t need to say a great deal more about this, do we? As a group you show a generous spirit and willingness to be of service. And you plan to be active, although less so if you’re in your eighties and older. The younger set, 55 – 75 are saying in effect, “I’m too young to get old.” Keep thinking that way and, together, we’ll rewrite the rules of retirement.

It’s become a cliché, sixty is the new fifty and so on. They do that to flatter us, feed what they think is a state of age denial, and sell us cosmetics. They miss the point, don’t they?

As retirees we’re different because we’ve always been different; from the days they first labeled us baby boomers, the darlings of the marketing industry, we’ve been free to think different, act different and to conform or not as we saw fit. We challenged the status quo and somehow the world changed around us.

So, welcome to a world we continue to remake as we carry on living on our own terms, according to our own sense of right and wrong, always hoping that we’ll change things for the better, and those coming along will inherit a better world.

The business Club won’t be just about work, it will be about purpose. It will be organized and operated according to the will of the members. It will probably become a kind of knowledge-nest and skills exchange for the community at large.

Your responses suggest a high degree of social awareness and willingness to give. Seniors issues that have been papered over or ignored altogether are going to hear your voice. For all our lives we’ve lived in exciting times, including these times. This is going to make Meaford Haven an exciting place to live.


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As always, here are the verbatim comments:


What would the business club be doing with the 80% of  ridiculously low rates that it earned off our new salary and our annual fees?

I personally have no need to keep working in my field.  This is not an idea which appeals to me

part time work gives a sense of Purpose to your life & feeling of helping others is great!

Not ready for the rocking chair – hope never!

fee of course dependent on # of members and responsibilities of club members

We don’t feel this is a good idea at all.  It sounds too much like work to us (something we retired from).  We would be interested however in something like Third Age Learning (has been offered to our age group in Guelph for 15+ years).

I’m not sure what this idea is all about?  There are numerous opportunities to volunteer in this community and a large number of people do so. Is this related ONLY to Meaford Haven, is it a way to have the residents perform “chores” that might otherwise be performed by “paid” staff.  Why not have things like a Garden Committee, Social Committee and or an Investment Club. Would there be a Board of Directors or a Homeowners Association?

could this (agency) also organize volunteers to assist residents who may be ill, recovering from surgery or other procedures. In other words, it would be a self-help community organization.  Taking care of each other’s homes for vacation periods could also be centralized.  tks.  cc

I have my commercial building for sale 8 Sykes street North. I am looking for a bookkeeper to run the bookkeeping company and accounting. Please place me on the list for a person or persons to work. If someone retired would like to run as a single owner or co op a health food business I have that also for sale. I could use delivery people and also someone to come in a help out in store and also in bookkeeping. I have not had any luck in finding a person to help me in our area.

I like the idea that there could be work for those who are interested and added to that it could be a help to those who needed someone to work for them if they couldn’t.   I don’t think the money is as important as the fact of feeling useful to some of us.    I was disabled for 7 years before I retired and have found it hard to feel my worth ever since.    Before I was an integral part of the board of education and very busy outside work as well.    It crashed to an end and it has been a battle to build back my feeling of worth.    Having a small job and being useful to people would be rewarding to me.

My husband and I are retired teachers who are really enjoying our retirement. We do not intend to work again. We never have a moment when we would consider working but would support and make use of  The Business Club.

This is a new and interesting concept and I would be interested in seeing how it worked.

What would the other 70-75% be used for? If it would be used to lower maintenance fees or provide new services I would be all for it.

Need to find insurance company willing

to insure individuals and the content  working to some degree from home. For an example having computer based home office.

unless I was living in the area, I wouldn’t know how to answer these questions – just guessing

I work full time from home on my computer, so I’m not sure I’d have a lot of time left to do other work, but I would be interested in trying.    I think lots of small businesses/services would appreciate the advice and labour of retirees who might have experience in their field.

What a great idea.   Let’s open a Timmy’s!

I am not sure that this would be a good idea.  Residents might feel obliged to use the services of neighbours and there is a huge risk if the service provided is unacceptable or worse (e.g. tax or financial services).  I think this is best left to the wider community.

Great idea

not really interested in this

Retired means just that!

I would be interested in a list of agencies that are looking for volunteers, i.e. hospital, library, community events, etc.

My Spouse and I are both Rotarians. We could start a new Rotary Club at Meaford Haven if we could get about 25 people to join. There are 33000 clubs around the world do great work.

Continuing education. I have led a Spanish language group in MEAFORD since 1997. Language study is one of the measures suggested to combat onset of dementia. Other types of adult learning would surely attract people,

Should also include the ability to do work either volunteer or paid for residents living in Meaford Haven, like running errands, taking people to appointments etc.  A mix of internal & external opportunities.

For my personal situation, the job would have to be relevant to the type of work I perform today at work. I would not be interested in something for the sake of money only.

Would this tie in with employment Canada to get access to funding for new positions or would it be like an independent employment agency? Would the Business Club have computers where people could write resumes and research jobs?